• Managing our business to ensure that our workplace remains Free from Accident & Injury, and our Environment is well protected for all communities
    our approach is to:
    • Ensure our employees follow safe work practices by adhering to our QHSE document
    • Our employees practice positive behaviour at work
    • Ensure No one gets hurt and no harm to people
    • Ensure No damage to environment
    • Ensure using material and energy efficiently when providing our products and services
    • Ensure QHSE document and instructions of our clients are completely followed at work
    • Our focus on quality operations management underpins our health, environmental and safety commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible, most efficient, and incident-free service
    • Committed to minimizing its effect on the environment and where opportunities present, protecting the environment with full strength
    • Ensure that our people have the training and tools they need to make sure every day is a safe day
    • Ensure that every employee possess the authority to stop a job at any time if work conditions are unsafe or if a particular action would jeopardize environment
    • Ensure Hazard Identifications is reported immediately
    • Ensure QHSE Cards are regularly filled and timely closed
    • Ensure Management participates with employees in site safety audits and safety meetings; during these processes, employees have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on continual improvement initiatives.
    • Our goal is to achieve employee ownership and participation in the HSE continual improvement process